Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Have a Great Neckline

I often envy women with significant others. Not so much for the emotional companionship or constant sex (which really is a lie, I probably get it more than the average committed couple) but more so for the compliments. Yea I know, self-centered isn't it?

I love compliments in all varieties. My wardrobe, shoes, hair, style, bags, manner of walking, speech, anything really. I get an average of 5 compliments a day, all very much appreciated and taken with a smile. But since they are somewhat hard to come by, in terms of when I'll get one (so unpredictable!) I have found a new avenue to up the ante. This online dating site stuff turns out to be a pretty girl's heaven! is somewhat lame in this department but OkCupid...that's a whole different story! The emails I get are fantastic. My days are filled with admiration from men I don't even know who view the same old pictures I have posted everywhere. I'm telling ya, if you simply want someone to tell you how pretty you are you should hit up this site. Today's highest ranked compliment, "You have a great neckline."

My response, "For what? Biting?" Touche.

1 comment:

  1. You know, he might have wanted to bite you....maybe he's a vampire! Ok, probably not.

    I took this "psychology of sex" class in college, just for fun and I think I remember a statistic being that comitted people had more sex then non-comitted and maybe that is the case if you are doing a study and using "average" people. Which, let's be are above "average." :)