Saturday, January 9, 2010

Can I Call You Daddy?

There's something incredibly handsome and regal about an older man with salt & pepper hair.

It's not just ANY older man that gets me going. It takes a certain array of characteristics that make me take a second look. Aside from the hair, these S&P's need to have the demeanor of a high-level corporate executive, drive a luxury car and wear Armani. Oh and they need to smell amazing. I'm talking George Clooney amazing. You know what I mean here ladies...a man of this caliber walks by and you just KNOW they smell amazing.

The sexy, suave, older thing doesn't have anything to do with a Freudian father/daughter dynamic, it really has to do with the fact that S&P's are just plain hot. I'm referring to Sean Connery/Richard Gere/Anderson Cooper hotness. I don't even care how old they are (ok really maybe 55 would be my max), I would just like to date one. Saggy old balls aside, can I call you Daddy?

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