Monday, January 18, 2010

There is a very confronting and horribly addicting world out there called Online Dating. From OkCupid, Chemistry, Plenty of Fish, Match and eHarmony (all dotcoms), the single individual is left with a myriad of options to find a date. The weird thing is, it's online.

I always find the online thing awkward. Not that I need online dating, to be honest I get asked out on average 5-7 times per week, more so in the summer due to the wardrobe options...but I digress. OD is awkward because you base your entire first date on what you read about that person and what random photos they have selected to display to the world. I mean really, have we as humans lost our way in terms of having meaningful and colorful interactions with each other, so much so that we now resort to sorting and judging prospects sans chemistry first?

There's something about meeting someone in person, glancing at them from across the room and getting flushed with attraction. The moment a man (who has the balls) comes up and introduces himself and shakes your hand, you feel pretty, special and excited. OD, on the other hand, is like herding cattle through a shoot. I'm quick to dismiss possible Husbands based on the following criteria:

Too short (especially in pics with your friends)
Too tall (I don't want to hug you and be in your belly button)
Too fat
Round face
Pudgy nose (pig nose I call it)
Horrible haircut
No body shot (you must be fat)
Bad smile (get braces)
Blurry photo
Bad grammar/punctuation
Under the age of 25...
...Over the age of 40

Has online dating made us (women and men) too picky? Are we basing our potential happiness all on first impressions through photos instead of interacting? Does OD actually increase the chances of finding love? If so, why are there so many people still single and online? As I sign up for some of these sites today, I'll be tracking my progress through this blog. How many people view me versus asking me out versus actual dates.

Let the dating begin.

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  1. what an awesome blog feature! I know two couples personally who met online, both are married with kids now.