Saturday, April 10, 2010


It's official, I'm linked up to Wordpress. Come check me out!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rinse & Repeat

Ever notice how you happen to have the same conversations with the same people? Or the same relationships? Or the same problems? Or the same complaints? I have found, over this last year, that we humans love to rinse and repeat. We bitch, moan, complain and compromise with cynicism. We "talk about it" and say we are "over it." But funny enough, we get right back on that Bitch Wagon to do it all over again.

Ever have the friend who dates the perpetual loser/cheater? You wonder to yourself, how in the world such a great girl keeps picking such lousy men! Or you watch a coworker have the same complaint about another coworker. Perfect frenemies, one minute they are chatting at the water cooler about how silly it is they believed the rumors each other spoke and the next they are back to being catty. Rinse and repeat.

When are we ever gonna learn!?! You're wasting water people, and not just the kind from the faucet. I'm talking the energy that makes you a person. Your energy, when on rinse and repeat, is constantly depleted. So my lesson for the day, once you've rinsed DON'T repeat. Turn off the faucet and save your energy. It may just save your life...and a few relationships along the way.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'll Fairy Dust Your Face

I'm off to the Never Neverland (Disneyland that is) this weekend but don't know if my Peter Pan will be coming with.

Wendy, that little menacing wench, has complicated the matters. This little Tinkerbell isn't having any of it.

Here's the thing, there's a certain level of respect in a new relationship. That includes, but not limited to:

1) Distance with any Exes
2) Not bragging about old f* buddies
3) No cheating, sexting or phone sex with anyone other than your new partner

Boundaries need to be set from the beginning. I've learned over the months that surprisingly I am ready and willing to be madly in love. This does NOT mean marriage and children, just to note. This means the full development of a loving, honest and joyful relationship with someone equally engaged and willing to be fearless in the face of commitment. Someone who will stand for me and the relationship.

In my current relationship I am at a crossroads and the light is red. I have no roadmap, no way to judge my direction. This relationship has me a bit lost in the Land of Love. Is it supposed to be this complicated?

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Dying Breed

Bart, Montgomery Station, Downtown San Francisco.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Juicin'

I'm considering going on a juicing program. No, I'm not speaking of the illegal variety.

Now we all know I am madly in love with Bikram yoga. The sweat, intensity and overall high I get from being in that room for 90 minutes is indescribable. I am a frequent yogi of Funky Door Yoga but due to the complexity of getting there sans car, I've decided to give Global Yoga a try this coming week. After reviewing their website I see they have a juicing program and I am SUPER pumped. My body is in desperate need for a detox! I'm feeling bloated, heavy and overall lacking in energy and motivation. And with the good weather right around the corner...well, it's bikini season and I'll be vain and say I want to look HOT.

The premise behind the juicing program is simply: detox, bolster the immune system and create an alkaline environment for a mostly acidic environment. In this day and age most Americans experience a heavily rich and saturated diet of acidic based foods (processed, fried, etc.) and the program claims to help promote and regenerate the alkaline reserve each body is so desperately depleted of.

Aside from the purpose of juicing the process also boasts the results of weight loss, increased intestinal (how do I say this?) cleansing and an overall physical improvement. From a period of a few days to almost two weeks, I am able to pick up 5 juices each morning that are made especially for me. I'm thinking this is brilliant, only so much because I def don't have the time to make these things on my own. To me, that's well worth the money.

Stay tuned for my weight loss extravaganza!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Time Management

This last week I started my new job that is located in South San Francisco, so needless to say there is a commute involved. Roughly an hour each way, I take the bus, Bart and a shuttle to arrive by 8:30 in the morning. This whole routine, plus the 9 hours I am at the office, takes a substantial chunk of time as you can imagine. I now juggle work, personal commitments, friends, the Boy and...oh right working out, in my daily routine. To put it mildly, working out is at the bottom of my list.

So how does a young, professional woman juggle the many avenues of her life?

I woke up to a beautiful San Francisco day and decided to lace up my running shoes and hit the pavement. I ran the Embarcadero and then did the steps up to Coit. I was exhausted! I hadn't worked out all week and I didn't enjoy huffing and puffing my way home. There must be a way to organize my time more efficiently to include everything I love. But how?

My priority list is as follows:

1. Work
2. Friends/loved ones/the Boy
3. Third party organizations/volunteering commitments
4. Working out/health plan

Now some reason I feel it needs to be reversed.

1. Working out/health plan
2. Volunteering commitments
3. Friends/loved ones/the Boy
4. Work

No...still not quite right.

Visually I've set up my calendar to be color coded and categorized. This not only helps me distinguish what and how I spend my time, but where I may need to add or delete too much of a good thing. For example, most of my days are blue indicating work related time. Now I know it is only natural my calendar will be mostly blue, considering I spend so many days there. But my friends, who are in pink, aren't too plentiful. My pink space is much more limited than my blue space. Working out, which is green, is virtually non-existent. If a stranger looked at my calendar, they would be able to tell what I value based on my color coordination. I would be embarrassed to say that my face-to-face friend time doesn't seem to be of high importance.*

I've figured out how to color code my calendar, be efficient backing up my notes with Evernote and mapping out my ideas and goals with Mindmeister, yet I am still lacking in the performance aspect. That is, a lot of what I have scheduled isn't happening. This is where I learn, rather sadly, that my enthusiasm does not trump my apparent lack of discipline. I may schedule a 6 am gym sess but I don't want to get out of the warm bed that houses my very cute Boy and his fantastic cuddling skills. I may want to see my friends for brunch on a Saturday, but I end up not leaving my house because I'm too cozy reading in bed. It's appropriate to have me time, but it's also imperative I foster the loving relationships around me. Some girls can have it all.

It's my conclusion, after all of this, that balance coupled with discipline is the key to my success. Now time to just do it!

*Just to note, though I do not have a lot of face to face time with my nearest and dearest, I am in constant communication with most of them throughout my day via text or email. I know this isn't quite the same, but I feel I needed to note that my communications are high, my physical abilities are limited by time and space, and that thing called physics.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Not Official Till it's on Facebook

The current trend of making it "official" on FB seems to be the only way we boys and girls confirm or deny a relationship. To many of us, putting our relationship status on FB solidifies the couplehood that we have declared. To others it's seen as obtrusive and too much information. I'm torn, as most of my life is on the internet I wonder if I should add this little bit of info or not.

Now, I'm not all for disclosing names and making a big deal out of who I'm dating yet at the same time, as all my friends seem to be disclosing their partners to the millions of users online, I tend to wonder about my own status. I'm not single. I'm definitely in a relationship. I'm loving what these last few weeks have brought me and loving the time spent with this man of mine. Since when did a status get so complicated?