Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Juicin'

I'm considering going on a juicing program. No, I'm not speaking of the illegal variety.

Now we all know I am madly in love with Bikram yoga. The sweat, intensity and overall high I get from being in that room for 90 minutes is indescribable. I am a frequent yogi of Funky Door Yoga but due to the complexity of getting there sans car, I've decided to give Global Yoga a try this coming week. After reviewing their website I see they have a juicing program and I am SUPER pumped. My body is in desperate need for a detox! I'm feeling bloated, heavy and overall lacking in energy and motivation. And with the good weather right around the corner...well, it's bikini season and I'll be vain and say I want to look HOT.

The premise behind the juicing program is simply: detox, bolster the immune system and create an alkaline environment for a mostly acidic environment. In this day and age most Americans experience a heavily rich and saturated diet of acidic based foods (processed, fried, etc.) and the program claims to help promote and regenerate the alkaline reserve each body is so desperately depleted of.

Aside from the purpose of juicing the process also boasts the results of weight loss, increased intestinal (how do I say this?) cleansing and an overall physical improvement. From a period of a few days to almost two weeks, I am able to pick up 5 juices each morning that are made especially for me. I'm thinking this is brilliant, only so much because I def don't have the time to make these things on my own. To me, that's well worth the money.

Stay tuned for my weight loss extravaganza!


  1. Making your diet more alkaline is something I'd highly recommend but it would be best to make that a long term objective. Using a juice fast as a means to gear up to that can be helpful but just detoxing by itself and then going back to the old diet is of more limited use and can actually be harder on your system. Also if you are detoxing there is more that you should be doing than just juicing but I'm not going to go into that all on here. Get in touch if you want more input and or suggestions. I'm doing the food for a group three day group Pancha Karma starting on Monday at the dhyana Center and could help you with a home version if interested.

  2. I would love that!! I will touch base with you most definitely. I think the juicing will be a good start, but I am in need of a complete overhaul of my nutritional lifestyle (I am currently opposed to saying "diet" lol). Talk to you soon!