Monday, March 1, 2010

Vintage Beauty

Paint your lips a violent shade of red, pour yourself a glass of champagne and tune Pandora to anything by Tony Bennett or Frank Sinatra. Lie back on your chaise lounge (if you don't have one, find one!) and bask in the glory that is your beauty.

I fundamentally believe that our society has taken women in the wrong direction when it comes to feeling sexy. The images we are given, day in and day out, are not only irrational but they are also typically unattainable. Saying that, no matter what size you are or how you feel about your shape, I believe that a woman should feel great from the moment she puts on her first piece of clothing, which is typically the infamous bra and panties. Why not feel sexy from the moment you touch clothing to skin?

Dollhouse Bettie's is an absolute wonderful location for not only sexy lingerie but also deliciously sweet nighties and gowns. From vintage to current trends, they have everything you are looking for. Garter belts, satin gowns and robes, bra and pantie sets, lace, bows, ribbon...What more to please the senses than the touch of these on your skin? The staff are more than helpful and give you plenty of space and time to try on whatever you need and desire.

I highly recommend this little shop and look forward to coming back soon. And ladies, let's bring sexy back, not for others but for ourselves!

*Photo courtesy of Dollhouse Bettie

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