Sunday, March 7, 2010

It's Not Official Till it's on Facebook

The current trend of making it "official" on FB seems to be the only way we boys and girls confirm or deny a relationship. To many of us, putting our relationship status on FB solidifies the couplehood that we have declared. To others it's seen as obtrusive and too much information. I'm torn, as most of my life is on the internet I wonder if I should add this little bit of info or not.

Now, I'm not all for disclosing names and making a big deal out of who I'm dating yet at the same time, as all my friends seem to be disclosing their partners to the millions of users online, I tend to wonder about my own status. I'm not single. I'm definitely in a relationship. I'm loving what these last few weeks have brought me and loving the time spent with this man of mine. Since when did a status get so complicated?

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