Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rinse & Repeat

Ever notice how you happen to have the same conversations with the same people? Or the same relationships? Or the same problems? Or the same complaints? I have found, over this last year, that we humans love to rinse and repeat. We bitch, moan, complain and compromise with cynicism. We "talk about it" and say we are "over it." But funny enough, we get right back on that Bitch Wagon to do it all over again.

Ever have the friend who dates the perpetual loser/cheater? You wonder to yourself, how in the world such a great girl keeps picking such lousy men! Or you watch a coworker have the same complaint about another coworker. Perfect frenemies, one minute they are chatting at the water cooler about how silly it is they believed the rumors each other spoke and the next they are back to being catty. Rinse and repeat.

When are we ever gonna learn!?! You're wasting water people, and not just the kind from the faucet. I'm talking the energy that makes you a person. Your energy, when on rinse and repeat, is constantly depleted. So my lesson for the day, once you've rinsed DON'T repeat. Turn off the faucet and save your energy. It may just save your life...and a few relationships along the way.

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  1. Enjoying your blog...lots of good self care stuff here...and attitude! Love it!