Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Umbrella Etiquette

It's raining outside. A lot. And if there's one thing I despise more than not getting what I want, it's the rain. My hair, which is usually gloriously curly and luscious, is now flat and stringy. All my cute shoes are tucked away in my warm and dry apartment, and my galoshes are my staple footwear. At least for the next 5 months. Thank god I bought them in multiple colors to match any outfit.

As I walked to work this morning in the rain, you could say I was a bonified Little Miss Riding Hood. Black tights, bright red galoshes, bright red pea coat and bright red umbrella, I was the most coordinated Suit on the block. Which led me to look around and examine who was standing next to me. Umbrellas are a fascinating thing. Some are large, some are small. Some are flat, some are exceptionally round. Some are cheap, others are pricey. Patterned, plain or clear. Really, they are an accessory within themselves. Which comes to my next point...umbrella etiquette.

1. When walking down the sidewalk, always position your umbrella slightly over the shoulder AWAY from people coming the opposite direction. When you place the umbrella squarely over yourself, it causes problems.

2. Which brings me to my next point: if there are too many umbrellas on the sidewalk, some must alternate either being low or high. If you are a male, lift yours up. Give us girls some room underneath ya. It's only polite.

3. Don't be stupid enough to live in San Francisco and NOT own an umbrella

4. Attempt, just attempt, to match your umbrella with your outfit. I was highly impressed with a Suit who had a gooorrggeeous umbrella that matched his outfit to the T. You could tell he meant business. HOT

5. Lastly, if you don't own an umbrella and you are walking in a crowd that does, don't barge your way through the crowd and expect all of us to get our umbrellas out of the way. We brought them for a reason-to stay dry. Don't try to get us wet by bustling through.


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