Sunday, December 27, 2009

'Tis the Season

Another year and I've survived the slew of proposals and engagements that ridden the holiday season. This year's count: 4 proposals, 3 break ups, 2 affairs and for lack of a better saying, one bun in the oven. If there's anything worse than the holiday season in general, it's the sheer velocity of relationship chaos that reigns at the New Year.

I'm at that age where proposals matter. It's on the agenda of most of my friend's social calendars. Here's a typical day in the life of a 20-something woman:

8am Starbucks Run & First Bestie Call of the Day
9am Work work work
10am 2nd Bestie Call, Meeting with Boss, Flirt with new co-worker/intern/barista/fedex guy
11am Peruse and hope your ex isn't in your top 5 matches
Noon Lunch and small talk with cute guy in line at the deli
1pm 3rd Call to Bestie before staring blindly at your co-workers new engagement ring
2pm Spend afternoon planning your own wedding which is no where near happening all because your co-worker got engaged
5pm Call it a day, head to the gym
6pm Think your thighs are huge the entire time you are at gym, miss eye contact with hottie at the free weights
7pm Eat a pint of ben & jerry's
8pm Last call to the Bestie, Facebook stalk your exes and wonder why they have moved on and you can't find That Great Guy yet
10pm Receive text from your latest hook up...consider it even though he's not Mr. Right

Yea I know, great right? Most women blindly spend their time wishing they were something they aren't or used to be. A friend gets engaged and a woman starts to wonder why she's not. As everyone around you starts to take the plunge, you begin to question your ability to not only entice but to maintain a long term relationship.

My only solution? Money may not buy me a boyfriend but it sure as hell buys me a kickass diamond.