Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Little Black (I Mean Pink) Book

I'm sitting today updating my Little Pink Book. Yes, I own one. What self-respecting young urban woman doesn't? Men have been toting the Little Black Book for years. Contemporarily it's seen as a true bachelor's necessity and often women, though we complain, are intrigued by a man's LBB. So I've invested in a LPB ever since I became single over two years ago, and I'll have to say the little thing gets great use (until recently as I have just started seeing someone, but I'll go into that later).

I highly recommend any fabulous woman to get one. It's great fun to flip through the pages and go through the names, maybe not so much for an actual hook-up but just for laughs. Get a bottle of wine, your best friends and your LPB's for a night of stories and giggles as you relive your many trysts over the years. Don't we just love reliving these memories??

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