Friday, February 19, 2010

Bottom Heavy

I'm a fat kid.

Ok, maybe I'm not fat per say in other people's eyes but in mine, I'm a heifer. At the end of the day, I can't help but think about the fact that I am no longer 120 pounds. Granted I am 127 (oh my God I can't believe I just admitted that to all of you) and to some of you that is still really small, but if you saw my body type then you would know that the 7 more pounds I have on my frame from 2 years ago is a lot. Also, considering I am a "recovering anorexic," my weight is always a topic for discussion in accordance with my low self esteem in relation to body image. Yea, deep stuff.

So instead of constantly complaining, I'm doing something about it. In the last three months I have lost 8 pounds (ok if you are good at math now you know I was weighing 135, GROSS). Now, that has nothing really to do with my gym visits (I only resigned with 24 Hour Fitness two weeks ago), and not so much with my diet (though a regular serving of popcorn, eggs and quesadillas never hurt) has more to do with my sex life. Yea, I'm having a lot of it lately. The hot, sweaty, steamy kind. And happily my scale has responded. EIGHT WHOLE POUNDS!!!

Besides the sex, I'm on a mission to loose the final four pounds in the next month. How you may ask? Well yes, sex is still on the menu but I also plan on implementing an actual exercise routine. This includes the Filbert and Greenwich Street Steps. Have any of you done these suckers? They are INTENSE to say the least. So, stay tuned. Four pounds in four weeks, if not, I'm giving up sex for a year. Seriously.

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  1. I will bet you 100 dollars that you can't go without sex for a year. Seriously. (Although I hope that you reach your fitness goal, thus making the bet a moot point).

    Also, good for you for saying your "number" in your blog. I think that when we do things like that, it helps make the number, just a number. Not something that holds moral value or self worth. I like to do that with the word "fat." If I can call myself fat, and understand that it's just a descriptive word like, tall or short, then it doesn't have power over me any more.